Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Recap

It is better late than never to present a recap of the year that was 2010, right? I've decided that I really liked how my friend Ashley of Have Heart set up her recap post so I thought that I would play copycat.

In January I reigned in the new year with my boyfriend's family in Missouri, began an internship with a local radio station, and took the GRE.

In February I started my blog, bought my ticket to Bonnaroo, and ate at The Yellow Porch on a romantic and classic Valentine's date with Eliot.

In March I attended the local Big Ears festival, celebrated Eliot and I's two year anniversary, watched endless hours of basketball during the NCAA tournament (Go Vols!), and took a spontaneous trip to New Orleans for Spring Break.

In April I began to appreciate the warm weather more than ever before; I was outside constantly. I watched Daniel Tosh perform at a comedy club, and came head to head with my inner struggle as to what to do with my life in regards to the immediate future. 
My life was also being predominantly led by my photojournalism course in which I had two major projects that month: Crunching Numbers and our surprisingly fun class trip to LaFollette, TN.

In May I went to the pool...a lot. I attended my last Volapalooza ever, GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE, purchased my MacBook, and received my Bonnaroo ticket in the mail.

In June I moved back home, attended three weddings (and photographed two), discovered Francesca's Collections, went to Bonnaroo, watched a lot of soccer, and took a spontaneous trip to Washington DC with my dad.

In July I helped my best friend cope through her first break up, was fortunate enough to see Modest Mouse for the second time, and I took some promotional photos for a prominent local radio personality.

In August I traveled to my birth town of Shreveport, Louisiana for a family wedding, went to Florida, celebrated my 100th blog post, saw Arcade Fire and Spoon in Alpharetta, Georgia, attended The Black Keys in Nashville, and was provoked to do a lot of soul searching.

In September I took my little sister to the zoo, was coming to my wit's end with serving tables, celebrated my 22nd birthday, rejoiced in the coming of my favorite season, and moved to Washington DC for an internship.

In October I received a visit a from Eliot in DC, took a trip to the Botanical Gardenssaw Joan Baez and Steve Earle in concert, and spent Halloween with my closest friends in my former college town.

In November I enjoyed DC during the height of fall, a close family friend and her family moved away, and I spent an eventful Thanksgiving with my family; leaving me scatterbrained and not wanting to return to DC for my final weeks of the internship.

In December I moved back home, our family dog of 14 years passed away, I waited until the last minute to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping, and I experienced my very first white Christmas.

[2010 was a fantastic year with rough patches throughout, of course, but fantastic nonetheless. 
I hope that 2011 brings just as much travel, family, and live music, but with the financial and physical stability to round it out.
That is truly my only new year's resolution; to find a job that I enjoy and that brings stability along with a foreseeable knowledge of the future.]


  1. What a lovely blog! And how wonderful to start with your recap, now I'm introduced to you, haha. :)
    I'm going to add your button to my blog. :)


  2. Busy bee!! Things are starting to look familiar right about now... oh and that dream wedding from hell? Terrifying. I love your music taste by the way and blonde looks good on you!