Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet summer night, and I'm stripped to my sheets.

And in the midst of my self proclaimed "pool day," as the butterfly decided to repeatedly settle on the tips of my toes, it in that moment finally felt like summer.
Welcome good season, so glad to have at last been graced by your presence.


  1. You, 11 years ago Meemaw passed in to Heaven going home. So maybe today...that butterfly was God's way of reminding us that Meemaw is still with us in our hearts and she is so proud of you! Love you sweet niece Emmy...Aunt Cathy

  2. This is so lovely. And the comment above makes me smile and cry.

  3. Such a sweet post. :)

    And your blog is too cute! I'm adding your button to mine. C:

    xoxo, Allie.

  4. Aunt Cathy I didn't think of that, but I sure do think you are correct. She loved butterflies too, didn't she?

    And allie, thanks! i've resized my buttons now if you want to replace the one you grabbed. i had no idea i had uploaded them at such a large pixel size. oops.