Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Three things that have occurred this week thus far:

1. I formed a legitimate friendship with Paige from Prone to Wander via facebook "religious beliefs" and mewithoutYOU lyrics. She is a wonderfully talented poet whether she chooses to believe it or not. I'm sure anyone who reads my blog already reads hers, but if not, it is worth a look.

(Note: I also learned how to take a screenshot on my new computer this week and have gone a bit crazy with it, I'll admit.)

2. I watched a VHS tape for this first time in years and years- not without, of course, first rewinding the tape to the beginning, forgetting that VHS's have commercials beforehand, fast forwarding through said commercials, and adjusting the tracking. At least the movie was worth it.
Now and Then! And if you're a girl who has lived her entire adolescence without ever setting eyes upon this film, I highly encourage you to do so as soon as possible. It is too cute to boot and a right of passage to girlhood. If anything, at least humor me and buy the soundtrack.

3. And lastly, I was paid a surprise visit by my incredible boyfriend (we've been long distance for the past few weeks)! Much time was spent listening to LCD Soundsystem's new album together, watching Scrubs, and having those warm, reassuring conversations about the future.


  1. You are so GREAT! I just saw the screen shot picture on my dashboard and thought, "whaaa?" haha, you know the subtitle of my blog is mwY too? It's from torches together
    "strum the guitar if you're afraid. And I'm afraid, and everyone's afraid (and everyone knows it) But we don't have to be afraid, anymore..."
    I adore them and YOU.
    Also, I'm so glad you got to see your boyfriend! So exciting! And vhs is awesome.

  2. Haha learning how to do the screen shot thing on my computer was pretty much the most epic discovery ever. you won't stop using it. it's been two years and i still haven't.

    and may i say, you're such a good blogger for being so new. it looks like you've been doing this forever. props :)

  3. i love mewithoutYou AND screen shots. aaron weiss is probably definitely my favorite lyricist. ever.

  4. Aaron Weiss and I are getting married. Whaaat?! Did I really just write that? Yes.

  5. hahaha, you girls are too funny. and ashley, thanks, i try haha. i still struggle to come up with entertaining posts that would attract readers. hopefully ill get really good at it someday like you =)