Sunday, November 28, 2010



Tomorrow I go back to D.C. Just three weeks left. Begin the countdown.

Wanting a permanent address. Not ready for a permanent address.

Being a good role model is important. Who decides what a "good role model" is or isn't?

Knock, knock. Who is there? A job. Really?! No, not really.

A never ending list of things to do- that's life.

The holidays are here!


  1. ...slow down...close your eyes...take a long slow deep breath in thru your nose...out slooooowwww thru your mouth...again....

    overwhelming...yes it can be...hate to say it doesnt get easier at 52 either, my sweet niece....

    but it will all be ok!!! I LOVE YOU from Aunt Cathy

  2. 'Wanting a permanent address. Not ready for a permanent address.'

    i feel the same way.