Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SPOILER: Picture Heavy.

Today is officially the first day of Fall, my absolute favorite season!
From this point until Christmas, the weather agrees with me in every facet imaginable.
I love the colors, I love the temperature, I love the lighting, I love the clothing, I love the memories, I love the atmosphere as the air gradually becomes cooler,  I love football season, I love it all!

Bring it on, Fall.
Bring. It. On.

(Please do not steal photos.)


  1. and I are SO MUCH alike in this respect...i LOVE fall!!! I have since your mom and I were little girls. All these photos are ya'll have this color already in Tennessee? Some of these must be from previous years huh? Thanks for sharing ... LOVE them all! HUGS from Aunt Cathy

  2. Emmy! I love how you've captured the essence of fall in each of your photos. Just gorgeous and while browsing, it's as if I can feel the faint breeze of fall. You are AWESOME. :)

  3. Cathy- these colors of have yet to make an appearance here in TN, it will be a couple of more weeks I imagine. I can't wait though!
    And thank you Michele!

  4. ...PS. I gave you an award on my blog. The post is scheduled for tomorrow. :)

  5. fall is absolutely gorgeous! i miss it. i'm counting the months till it is back!

    though i guess i can be happy with spring for now, pretty flowers and gorgeous sunshine :)

  6. fall is my favorite too! I am so ready!