Sunday, May 16, 2010


I finally got a MacBook!
Isn't she a beauty?

I'm so excited that my PC finally decided to kick the bucket! I've never been so happy to drop such a significant amount of money on a single object before in my life!

The acquirement process was an experience all in itself. Upon purchasing the notebook I felt like I was becoming a member of an elite, prestigious club.

A couple of things that tickled me during the purchase were as follows:

1. my salesman's introduction, "You can call me 'Wolverine.'"

2. being given a complimentary antivirus software disk along with the notion, "Here is an antivirus software that you won't need because you have a Mac so you can give it to one of your PC friends."

3. Wolverine's attempt at connecting with his customer [me] via photography, spending the proceeding twenty some odd minutes showing me photographs he had taken at a Titanic exhibit.
(Needless to say, he completely convinced me to go to the exhibit one day soon.)

4. being congratulated with a pat on the back and a big grin by a Geek Squad member while standing in the line to check out- "Congratulations! You got a Mac!"

Signing off for now,
I'll be spending the rest of the night playing with my new toy!


  1. macs are SO GOOD!!!
    i used to have a pc. i'm cooler now. and virus-FREE.
    have fun with your new toy! :)

  2. I love your blog! MACS! Don't ever let anyone tell you PCs are inferior. It's all lies. All of it.

  3. You're gonna be obsessed. So happy for you!

  4. Are macs really that good? I need a new computer, but seriously cant justify the HUGE price difference between pc and mac!! is it really worth it? i really would LOVE having no viruses though!

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  6. I absolutely cannot put mine down! My dad has a mac desktop that I use when I'm home and I've always liked it. He's had it for several years with little to no problems. My mom's computer on the other hand is a PC and it crashed and burned a while ago. No viruses and uploaded spams/popups though are my biggest turn on. Macs are also much more user friendly for creative projects- graphic design and editing photos, etc.

  7. thanks for that info! I will seriously consider one now...well, when i finally get around to getting a new computer!!