Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping Therapy.

I think that I may be extremely behind the times in learning this, and if so I'm sorry. Our local mall, however, has implemented a new store into its facility called "Francesca's Collections." It's absolutely fabulous and may as well be called "Emmy's Ideal Closet" instead.

My friend and I went to check it out the other day, and I bought two tops and a dress.
The best way I could describe it is boutique clothing without the outrageous boutique prices. That is not to say that the clothing is cheap by any means, but the prices are not too steep either. After one trip I think that it is safe to say that I've already established it as my new go-to place in the mall.

What sealed the deal though, was the fact that the accessories table had a book of names placed atop of it, (one of those fortune telling books based on first names), and not a thick one mind you.
Guess which name it actually included!
"Emmy- An unusual situation will force you to better use your resources"

I know this is such a small and minute incident, but you guys, this never happens to me!
I am usually forced to choose from "Emma" or "Emily" and tweak its significance or fortune to my liking.
Needless to say, the occurrence only heightened my overall excitement for my new find!


  1. I love that store! you are too cute :)

  2. Our town just got that store too! And I'm in love as well! One of the brands they carry is actually a brand I've seen at f21 before! And I agree that there prices aren't the lowest, but they aren't too bad for some of the adorable little dresses they have there!

  3. Oooh, I like francesca's :)

  4. The same kind of thing happens to me! Whenever I want to buy something personalized, I have to go along with "Brianna". And only once in a blue moon does anyone ever spell Briana correctly.

    And tell me how did the whole gift giving for your mom's birthday go? Did you go along with the place mat idea??

  5. haha- i love the individualistic quality that our names have, but sometimes you just want to see your name engraved on things too!

    well, due to time constraints and me insensibly waiting until the last minute, i wasn't able to do that. i ended up buying her two petticures, one for her and a friend, along with flowers and a batch of birthday brownies.

    i am definitely saving the place mat idea though for christmas. my big gift for her for christmas is to convert all of our home videos to dvd, but that is kind of a process. so on christmas day i would love to have something tangible for her to open. hence, place mats =)

  6. Glad you went with a couple of my ideas...nothing better than a pedicure and flowers for us old mommas! :-)

    I know she loved both. Christmas ideas sound awesome...mum's the word!