Sunday, March 21, 2010

NOLA in black & white.

Pictures from our spring break in New Orleans, Louisiana- Eliot's first time.
Very little editing was done to these pictures. I liked the raw, black and white effect.


First time 21-year-olds in the French Quarter. The first thing my dad told us to do was to get a Hurricane from Pat O'Briens. My mom quickly e-mailed me and told me to NOT drink 2 of them in a row. "Drink one and then drink a cup of water. Don't learn the hard way!"

My purchase from the French Market: African Shea Butter. The salesman told me that if this didn't cure my dry skin then I am a minion from another planet. With a sales pitch like that how could I say no?!


  1. Love, LOVE, LOVE the black and white pics from New Orleans...wonderful assortment showing all sides of the city. Did ya'll get to ride a trolley/cable care? thanks for sharing those great you from Aunt Cathy

  2. We couldn't figure out how to get on the cable car unfortunately, but we will next time!