Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is the first year that I have become more than mildly interested in the NCAA tournament. Though I didn't fill out a bracket I must say that I am having fun rooting for the underdogs. Thanks to Eliot, I'm much more knowledgable about the teams involved this year, and the first round has emitted countless upsets so far.
Of course though, Wayne Chism and The Vols are my choice to win it all- a completely biased and off-the-wall pick, but with Georgetown unexpectedly out of the picture we've already reached the Sweet 16, which is a feat in itself.

(Update 3/20/10 8:00 p.m: KANSAS LOST TO NORTHERN IOWA!) 
I'm sorry for everyone who's brackets are now in shambles.

Go Vols!
P.S. Can you believe how school spirited I have become since I started dating Eliot? I have to admit, it does add some spice to the college experience.
Although the exquisite weather also helps!

In a related (or not so related) story, my internet at my house is down so I haven't been able to update my Blog with pictures from NOLA, but it will happen soon I promise. I am also in the process of finishing two major photo projects, which I am excited to share.

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  1. Yep...the KANSAS loss completely MESSED up Daniel and Leland's brackets...big time! They have fun competing each year. Can't wait to see your projects...HUGS to you sweet niece from Aunt Cathy