Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beating Hearts Baby.

My best friend in the entire world is going through quite a tough time at the moment. She and her first love going on three years have called it quits. I do not know the extent of how long the stint will last, if the flame will eventually rekindle or if the two are finished for good.
Last night I was so happy to be able to entertain her with a bottle of wine, some iPod sing-a-long classics, and a box of hair dye.
That's right- we decided that starting a new chapter in life means a new hair color, something drastic! She has been talking about going dark for the longest time and she finally did it! It looks great!
Though last night was amazing and we had the time of our lives, I know that my company can only be a brief distraction until she is longing for her boyfriend once again.
Having been in a similar position before with my own high school boo, I am committed to being there for her however she should need me.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, I wanted to dedicate this post to the special girl with an idea similar to one from Alaina at Everybody is Somebody Else's Weirdo in which she dedicated 21 posts to her best friend in honor of her birthday.

Lindsey and I have known each other and been best friends since I was 5 years old and she 3. We're lucky to have stuck together for so long, and as much as we hate to admit it, the reasoning is definitely due in thanks to our mothers whom are also best friends.
My favorite thing about the beautiful Lindsey? Oh, I simply cannot narrow it down to only one thing.

1. We finish each other's sentences and thoughts.
2. We bake- though not always with a successful outcome. Her rice crispy treats though are turning out to be quite promising.
3. She's observant. When dying my hair, she knows exactly where my part is without having to ask.
4. She has the best body out of anyone I have ever met.
5. She loves sappy, romantic comedies. If one needs to think during a movie, forget it.
6. When I go to her house, 8 times out of 10 I am asked if I want tea by a family member. Lindsey's immediate response is "SHE DOESN'T LIKE TEA!!!!!" I love the fact that after 15 years, I still get asked this question.
7. Lindsey's favorite type of music is anything that you can get pumped to. Our first concert was Hanson.
8. We both watch Grease and You've Got Mail every time it comes on T.V. without fail, no matter how many times we've already watched it that week.
9. When we go shopping we have games we like to play. Sometimes we play the name game where we shout out random names. If someone actually turns around, 10 points are earned. I also like to make her try on the most ridiculous outfits in the store and she does so willingly.
10. Her weakness in life is soda.
11. 4 years ago we traveled to San Francisco where we tasted gnocci for the first time with a legitimate Italian. We fell in love! (We are self proclaimed carb queens.)
12. As children the two of us and her older brother would have "beanie baby wars-" a made up game with a senseless plot that was to throw beanie babies at each other using the furniture as shields.
13. Lindsey is a natural born athlete- softball and volleyball were her sports of choice in high school. She can do anything with the exception of basketball =P
14. What I love the most about her is that she is a REAL girl. She isn't fake in any sense of the word, which is why we get along so well.
15. She is ever searching for her personal sense of style in terms of clothes and is renown for copying the outfits off of the store mannequins.
16. Lindsey has beautiful blue eyes that need glasses. She never wears them. She doesn't wear contacts either. As a child she would intentionally leave her glasses at my house when she went home so that she wouldn't have to wear them. I remember that this particular pair of glasses had teddy bears on them.
17. Lindsey named their first family dog "Sam" that was short for "Princess Samantha." However, throughout the years everyone except for she and I have seemed to have forgotten the "Princess" and the "antha" parts.
18. Lindsey is absolutely the funniest person EVER with a natural talent for storytelling. She could have you rolling on the floor with some of her life encounters. Embarrassment is a good friend of ours.
19. Lindsey LOVES bedazzled sunglasses, and she has only recently come around to the idea of sunscreen.
20. I am one of the only persons that calls her "Linds" on a normal basis. When her dad or brother uses that name, for example, it is usually said in an annoyed or angry tone.
How is your relationship with your BFF?
I love you, Linds! And I'm always here for you!


  1. i am a strong believer that a bottle of wine & a good dance party can solve MOST of life's problems!!! i have been with my best friend for going on 21 years now - whew i still can't believe it's been that long! cheers to best friends..... boys suck!! ;)

  2. Awwwww! I loved this. :) You are such a sweet friend Emmy dear.

    Plus, you're in TN and you don't like tea? Wow. :)

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy person who dyes her hair when facing a life challenge.

  4. aww. you two sound so cute (:
    who needs males, eh?!
    girl power


    I want to print this out and frame it!

    and make you one too! but mine won't be as witty!!


  6. That is really sweet Emmy. I wish I would have had that kind of support and understanding when my ex broke my heart after we were together for 3 years. It is tough, but she will find someone that will be even better for her. You are awesome Emmy :)

  7. Emmy...i love this and Lindsey are lucky to have each other. "You've Got Mail" is one of my favorite movies too...I LOVE IT...hugs from your biggest fan, Aunt Cathy

  8. i LOVE this! i wish i had such a good friend like you guys!

  9. Aww, I just read this post about Lindsey. You're so sweet! I noticed it was written on the day my sweet Camille was born. It dawned on me that I probably quit following your blog around last Memorial Day Weekend when Emi went to the hospital for the first of about 6 times before Camille was born. I spent lots of time helping out with Alyssa then. And then after Camille was born, I guess I got preoccupied with that! Go figure! I'm glad I've discovered you again! Love, Aunt Vicki