Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Last weekend I was asked by Knoxville radio personality, J LaLonde,  to take promotional photos for his radio show and for personal use. J was my former employer during my reign as intern at 94.3 The X, and he for some reason thinks that I have some sort of talent in this field.
Here is a tiny taste of what we got into last weekend. I am mailing him the pictures in their entirety today. I do hope that he likes them!!

Special guest in Saturday's shoot was dog, Hendrix.


  1. eat, sleep, repeat.
    i love copeland.
    also, the pictures turned out shmashingly. :)

  2. What are you talking about, Emmy? You do have a great eye for photography! It also must have been really cool to be able to intern at a radio station. Sweetness!

    Plus, I love the floorview shot of the alley with J LaLonde and the doggie. My fave. :)

    PS. Keep shooting...

  3. I am so impressed by these!

    You must be talented for him to ask you!

  4. You did a great job! I'm sure he'll love them. I love how in the second one you can see those birds flying in the distance.