Saturday, July 24, 2010

Horribly Ironic.

A couple of weeks ago my dad and stepmom took ownership of a mama dog and her puppies that were bred in a puppy mill with the intentions of demonstrating the idea of caring for new life to the children. If aware of what these so called "puppy mills" are capable of, one would understand the need of rescue for such animals. These sorts of operations tend to put profit as a forefront at all times and thus, the welfare of the puppies are subpar at best.

I was introduced to the mom, that was deemed the name Sweetie Pie, and her five puppies around two weeks ago. At this time, the number of puppies had already dwindled to only three. Two were still horribly tiny and malnourished for their age, and they too wouldn't live beyond the next few days.

The veterinarian told us that this precedence of events was commonly known as "Fading Puppy Syndrome." In this scenario some puppies, despite the proper care and feeding habits, grow poorly and do not survive due to a number of reasons that could be initiated simply by being born into an unsterile environment.

Fortunately, one puppy has managed to survive thus far, and his name is Rex. He was always a frontrunner as he has been quite larger than his kin from the get go. I sure hope that he makes it.
Look at how ADORABLE the little guy is!

It is unfortunate that the situation took the dire turn that it did. Instead of teaching the children about new life, my parents found themselves repeatedly being forced to teach the kids about death. For the time being, however, I am glad to say that Sweetie Pie and her son Rex are doing fabulously under the proper care. Rex is thriving more and more everyday, and I hope and pray that he has a future after all.


  1. oh my, rex & sweetie pie are gorgeous.
    the deaths of the others is such a terrible thing to come to terms with & to explain....
    i hope rex stays healthy (:

  2. what a cute little puppy!! I hope rex fights through it! Explaining death to little ones is definitely a difficult task :( I hope all is well with your family!