Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I guess I am going to Florida today.
With my dad.
Just my dad.
To meet up with my uncle.
Whom we just saw in Louisiana not two days ago.
You see,
His family is in Florida too.
And my dad cannot seem to fathom a summer without going to Florida.
Nobody else in my immediate family can/wants to go.
If I don't go, then my dad has to go alone.
Driving for that long by oneself doesn't seem fun.
Not at all.
Another road trip, here I come.
I would truly like to regain some normalcy in my life.
Real soon.
But alas.
I have to go.
My dad said so.
Who in their right mind complains about going to the beach?
Not only going, but being forced to go.
I don't want to be that person.

My computer will be with me. I hate not blogging for an extended period of time.

 Dear consistency, 
I promise I will return to you someday soon.
Sincerely, Emmy


  1. Emmy: The beach sounds WONDERFUL...i miss it. I have a story i thought the blogosphere would enjoy hearing. You already know it. When you were probably about a year old...maybe it was your first year for a beach trip...your Mom and Dad and whoever else started preparing you for it weeks/months in advance by telling you "We are going to the beach this summer." You heard it so often, it was like one word to you so that when we asked you where you were going you would declare "i'm going to the beachsumma" one word! So Emmy, you and Dad have a great time at the "beachsumma"...wish i was joining you! HUGS from Aunt Cathy

  2. Enjoy your trip to the beach! Seems like your dad is full of adventures! :D

  3. Don't worry I'm sure you'll warm up Florida! (Ha... ha.. I'm not funny...) But seriously. It's so hot down here these days! Hope you packed lots of shorts and tank tops! What part are you visiting?

  4. Haha michele my dad just likes to take full advantage of his time off. And were in Destin. Nowhere particularly special. Ha.