Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crunching Numbers

Below is a recent project for my Advanced Photojournalism class.
At the beginning of the semester our teacher assigned each of us a word, and the objective was to turn the word into a feature story through photographs.
The word I was assigned was "numbers."
As you can imagine, "numbers" isn't the most visually aesthetic topic to photograph. For example, what do you think of when you hear the word, "numbers?" Mathematics, counting, calculators?

Using a mixture of ambient sounds, interviews, and photographs, I created a photo/sound slideshow, and I am pretty proud of the finished project.
The subject I focused on was my boyfriend, Eliot, who is an accounting major at UT.

The original file was produced in a program called SoundSlides Plus. Unfortunately, it was an index.html file, and recreating the project in Windows Movie Maker was the only way I could upload it onto the blog.
Some of the quality suffered a bit.


  1. Awesome...I am so biased Emmy, everything you do is GOOD, no, GREAT...Eliot: you looked good too! Aunt Cathy (again)

  2. Emmy, that was wonderful! And I agree with Cathy about all of your photos and projects being great! And we are not just biased aunts.. :)