Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Weekend.

I really enjoyed a theme I saw on Cole's blog, Letters To You.
For a week or so she simply posted some of her favorite photographs, no rhyme or reason.
I really really really like this idea, and seeing as how I have more than enough pictures, I'm going to start posting some of my personal favorite photographs every Sunday.
I think that I could make this last a long while =)
Thanks Cole!

My goal is to only include those taken with film, but we'll see where that takes us.

Below are photographs that I've acquired with help from my Aunt. They are photos of my mom and her sister as children, and I heart them. I love the look of old pictures- something as simple as two sisters posing in the front yard looks so vintage and neat.
I love my Aunt's porcelain doll face and my mother's toothy and conspicuous grin. I would attempt at forming a quick whit about her hair, but I think that the do speaks for itself.
I've come to the conclusion that the reason photographs look more appealing in this decade is the fact that automobiles were much more photogenic back then.


  1. So glad you ran with the idea. I love vintage photos. I can see a lot of your mom in you.

  2. this post is so perfect because i'm totally playing some oldies on the record player right now! :) the automobiles back then were... perfection. i wish they still looked like that!

  3. Dear Emmy: Love you and the fact that you posted these "retro" photos of your Mom and me growing up. They are classics, aren't they? I am proud that you and I both inherited the love of photography from "someone" (not sure who) although I will admit you are much better at it than me.

    HUGS from Aunt Cathy

  4. Hahaha, Emmy! I can't quit laughing at your Mom's hair in that pic---and the comment you made about it. Thanks, Cathy, for providing these for Emmy! They are great! Look at Marty's belly sticking out in the pic with the car! I love it! :)