Monday, October 11, 2010


I've noticed that I've had a great pop in followers recently so welcome, welcome everybody into my world- one of a recently self-proclaimed hopeless romantic that inevitably inhibits constant embarrassment and mild confusion on a daily basis. Fortunately for you, nine times out of ten, a camera is present to document such occasions in their entirety (and I am usually shameless enough to share such situations with complete strangers via the internet).

A little about me, you ask? (No, I didn't ask- shhhh!)
My life isn't exciting. No, it really isn't. Sometimes people find my family an interesting topic of discussion, but to me, my family unit defines normality in accordance with true 21st century American doctrine. Families of four who get along under a single roof is boring, anyhow.
I also have a boyfriend that I've dated since the first grade- just call us Cory and Topanga.
Before your mind begins to race, however, I will go ahead and cut the charade short. My boyfriend and I have known each other since we were five or six years old, yes. The relationship got fairly serious that year and by the end of it we were already holding hands. When first grade ended, there was a unanimous and unspoken decision to take some time apart. Around fifteen years later, the world's longest unintentional silent treatment ended. After the passage of awkward stages, peer pressures by the popular kids, and starter kit affairs, the two of us decided to give the relationship another try. And it has worked out wonderfully ever since.

I'm also fascinated by the 90's and am looking to reminisce those years of brilliance via Youtube videos at every available chance. In fact, merely minutes prior to this post, as I was mindlessly flipping channels, I came across what I briefly thought was "The Babysitter's Club"  but what was in actuality "The Babysitter's Seduction-" quite a difference in content. Since my abrupt buzz was instantly halted I resorted to Youtube to fulfill my fix. Girls, I know you remember this.

Moving on, if anything that I have said up to this point has warranted the tiniest bit of entertainment value on your part, then it is quite a good thing that you've stopped by lest you live the remainder of your life unaware of my strange aversion to buttons, my sincere angst towards cooking, or my inability to successfully paint my fingernails on the first attempt. Perhaps if you're lucky I'll even take the time to regale you with my latest tale that I've entitled "Tourism for Dummies" featuring my dad, boyfriend, and I. While the three of us had a grand time tramping the streets of D.C. this past weekend, accidentally finding ourselves in the front row of a museum showing of an English subtitled Asian film festival doesn't exactly scream success.

I also sincerely like to write- a rare form of human. I am a recent journalism graduate and have posted some of my work on my blog- namely music reviews (that combines the best of both worlds). More serious posts like these attract less of an audience and lack of motivation has become a leading factor in the reduction of such posts. It's okay though because I'm not offended.

In a nut shell, I'm glad that I've been able to gain a number of loyal followers during my brief stint at attempting to blog. Thanks to everyone for the support, and I hope that you continue reading. Sincerely, I do.  And if there is anything that I can include more of that would make the reader's experience more enjoyable, feel free to share!



  1. Yay! I loved this post...especially the part about you and your dearest. You write so incredibly well! :)

  2. cute!!!
    Sadly...the 90's will never die in my eyes. hahaha

  3. i love your blog.
    also: your boyfriend story is amazing. oh CUTE. i can't believe life is actually like that for people.

  4. My Emmy: don't change a thing...i enjoy every single post to the max...even when it's about musicians and stars that this "raised in the seventies" mawmaw has never heard of! Keep on keepin on...

    HUGS from your biggest fan,
    Aunt Cathy

  5. Aww, cute blog. And I ADORED the Babysitter's Club when I was younger :)