Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What color is my hair?

No, seriously.
What color?
I asked three different people at work today this exact same question and received three very different, but confident answers:
strawberry blonde.


I personally have always thought that my hair had a reddish tint- at times it is definitely more apparent than others. I suppose that the color's current washed-out state doesn't do it much justice.
Either way, I've held tight to various shades of this color for several years now, and earlier in the week I decided that I need change. Part of me wants to go dark brown, part of me wants to go lighter, part of me isn't ready to stray too differently from its current color in fear that a biting inner jealousy would arise every time I pass a girl on the street with this same color. I'm quite partial to red tones.

I had a decision made earlier in the day that I wanted to flaunt my pale skin and go dark and luscious. Then I made the mistake of reading.
Internet forums far and wide are convincing me that this is not such a good idea, stating that too dark of hair tends to make pale skinned girls look washed out or older. Well, that's not fair. How come celebrity pale skinned beauties don't look washed out or old?
Then I read that, generally, if a girl was blonde as a child then she will more than likely be able to pull it off when she is older. Well, I was a natural blonde until the sixth grade when my hair started to gradually and inexplicably grow in a darker shade.

I have a hair appointment on Saturday.
I don't know what I want to do.
I do know that I don't want it to be boring.
Whatever again.

This post is nonsense.


  1. I think your hair is a strawberry brown, if that makes sense. I have naturally dark brown hair and went blonde for quite a while and everyone said I pulled it off really well. I was a blondie until almost middle school, so my vote is try going a couple shades lighter. The only downside to lightening is that it dries out your hair so much. =(

  2. I think that is a good idea too. I wish that was my hair wasn't already so dry as it is. Do you think that would make it a lot lot lot dryer?

  3. I like your hair color. I think in the fall/winter seasons its ok to go drastically darker. Atleast I hope so because I'm coloring my hair tomorrow. lol Lightening your hair on the other hand involves bleach which means damage but damage also means volume. My mom is a hairdresser can you tell? Either way you will look adorable! :)

  4. oh and for dry hair you should buy some magic bullet by lanza. It helped me out a ton!

  5. I'd have to say it's brown. But I can see the 'reddish' tinge you're talking about. I would say go darker...but maybe jsut a couple shades. :D

  6. go darker! i have a friend with a similar complexion as yours and she recently went dark dark darrrrrrk brown and it looks amazing -- especially since it's fall! i love dying my hair... it's amazing what a little color can do for your self esteem! :)

  7. Cole, thanks for the product advice! I started using Bumble & Bumble Curl Reactivating Mist and it has been a God send. I'm definitely going to check out the product you suggested because my hair is consistently dry; mainly because of the texture I think.

    Thank you Victoria, that is very sweet. I promise it is more trouble than it is worth ;)

    Lisa and Kara, I do think that maybe I will stick with my original idea and go darker. But I don't think that I will know for SURE until I'm sitting in that chair.

  8. Just to add one more colour to the mix, but i would call your hair copper!!

    I was naturally blonde when i was a kid. Then i went brunette, it looked great, i didnt look washed out it actually brought my eyes out more.
    But this year i have changed to copper (a bit redder than yours) and i adore it.

    I think fair skin people can get away with any colour! Go crazy :)

  9. I would've said auburn, actually ...

    And whoever said your hair was strawberry blond has never seen strawberry blond hair ... silly person :) I think your hair is pretty like it is! (But I'm partial to any reddish tint, seeing how I'm a redhead, and I'm personally totally against hair-dying.)

  10. April, I'd be against hair dying too if I had such a beautiful natural color like you =) Unfortunately, we're not all so lucky. Boring regular mouse brown isn't quite as exciting.

  11. a) i think your hair is redbrown.
    b) you should go dark. do it. dark redbrown. i've always wanted to dye my hair dark but i'm pretty much albino so i know i couldn't pull it off; i think you could. so you should. :)

  12. hmmm. redish borwnish. im confused too. but i agree with alyssa, fair skinned ladies have it easy! you can do it any color. go, lighter!

  13. The bleach in the blonde chemicals is really damaging. I had to cut some serious inches off to get my hair back to even remotely heathly level once I went back brown, so even though I think you'd definitely pull off the blonde I'll have to go with all the other people who are saying to go darker! Plus in the winter, dark and shiny hair is so alluring!

  14. That's a good point Anna- I am trying to grow my hair out really long so I am definitely not looking to damage it at this point...I guess darker is what I am going to try? But I still don't know for sure!
    But I do know that I'm excited =)
    Thanks everyone for all of the opinions!