Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day in the Life.

So today I was painting my nails...

(No, bear with me. I promise this is going somewhere...)

So today I was painting my nails, and I happened upon a matter of self discovery- I am extremely impatient. This dose of realization occurred after I unnecessarily painted 4 different coats of polish onto my nails within a 30 minute time span.

Allow me to explain myself.
After the first coat, for example, I decided that my feet were cold. I really needed a blanket. "No Emmy," I thought to myself. "Your nails aren't dry and you'll mess them up if you pick up that blanket. Don't do it." Ehhhhh, but I'm so chilly! I grabbed the blanket, and alas, little fuzzies got caught on my wet polish leaving crinkled impressions in my right pointer finger.
With frustration, I removed the polish and repainted the nail.

A couple of minutes went far so good...until I spotted a can of cashews on the coffee table. Oh man, those looked good. I, of course, began to rationalize with myself as to why I should indeed risk my freshly painted nails for the yummy, salty container of nuts. Cashews don't have fuzzies straying from them like my blanket, they're relatively large in size, and easy to pick up. I could definitely get away with this.
Skurrrrr, not.
Curses to Ross and Rachel, season two of "Friends." A steamy kissing scene (that I had already seen n number of times, mind you) graced the television and my concentration went awry. My fingers slipped and hit the corner of the cashew container.
Enter: nail polish coat number 3.

Ok, by this time I've learned my lesson- no touching anything. Better yet, no moving whatsoever!

This, however, didn't last very long as my alarm went off signaling that it was time to start getting ready for work. I went about my daily routine as carefully as possible. I ironed my uniform and carried out the dressing process with great success. Everything was going well until I tried to fix my hair (which, in hindsight, didn't really need to be fixed).

Damn you bobby pins, damn you.
And you know what? Out of spite, I'm not even going to fix it. So there. I lose.

Patience truly is a virtue.