Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Not a lot of my new followers know the reasoning behind why I have a blog in the first place. And unless one has delved deep into my archives, there really is no way of knowing.
Current events, however, have led me to reassert the reasoning behind my initial plunge into the blogging world.

When I was in school I took an Online Journalism course that specialized in web content- writing, video production, photojournalism, and the like. During the course the class was visited by a guest speaker who specialized in blogging. Prior to this encounter, blogging was something that I would have never considered taking part of; nothing exciting happens in my life, after all. What in the world would I ever write about?
The speaker, however, had insights about the positive repercussions of social networking in terms of future careers that I had never before considered. As a Journalism major, if I were to remember one notion from her lecture, it was that potential employers want to see prior work and writings, and blogs are an ideal outlet to exploit just that. I left class that day a bit more convinced that blogging was a good idea, but still not so convinced to put forth immediate action.
The next day at work (in a restaurant, mind you) I had a particular customer who decided to take an interest into his server's life. Upon learning that I was a journalism major the very first thing out of his mouth was,
"Do you blog?"
No, but I will certainly start!
What are the odds?
All I needed was that extra push to start, and I am so glad that I did!

Today, the above declaration rang true to form. I am happy to say that I had an interview today (for a big girl job) that went very well, and a large amount of questions were based on things that the interviewer had read on my blog. My blog also was a great demonstration of certain skills that I possess with html and code and, of course, writing.
So all who are taking advantage of this little thing called a blog, keep it up!
Social networking can reap rewards if used in the proper manner.


  1. as someone who is going to do a degree in journalism next year this post has reassured me (: so thank you.

  2. I well remember your original "customer in restaurant" blog suggestion story and i'm so glad you obliged and started this's the only one i follow and have to say...i enjoy it immensely. Very entertaining, enjoyable and great way to stay in touch with you...hugs again from your biggest proud of you, Emmy!!

  3. Wow! That is awesome Emmy! Best wishes to your big girl job and journalism career! :)