Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You used to have all the answers.

A Wee Bit of Me

{one} have you ever won a trophy? if yes, for what?
In the past I won all sorts of trophies for sports and such- basketball, soccer, and softball.

{two} what was your favorite subject in school?
My photojournalism courses were fantastic. And I also loved my Online Journalism course. And English/Reading. Anything that is hands on.

{three} what time do you get up in the morning?
This depends. When I do not have to work I try to wake up between 9:30 and 10.

{four} if you could open your own business, what would it be?
I would love to open a photography business, just my camera and I.

{five} if you could spend the evening with one rock star/band, who would it be?
um, BOB DYLAN. I'd pick his brain about all sorts of things. And then make him write a song about me. Duh.

{six} what sitcom character reminds you of you?
Probably Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls- she is wholesome and smart, but has an edge and listens to great music. I've also been told by a few people that I resemble Lauren Graham.

{seven} what are the three most important things to you?
family, good character, faith

{eight} chips or popcorn?
CHIPS. I've never been a huge fan of popcorn.

{nine} have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?
I've ordered the Ab Lounge. And it's awesome. Infomercials are incredibly convincing at three in the morning. I've come unmanageably close to also ordering the Magic Bullet and the ShamWOW.

{ten} what is one thing that you are grateful for today?
This has been such a fantastic day! My mom got called for a job interview, I HAD a job interview, and my little brother got his driving license! Tonight we also all went out to eat at a restaurant and got along, which is a feat. I am so thankful for today!

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