Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Eliot,

Dear Eliot,
Merely minutes ago I made a very awesome purchase- 2 tickets to see Arcade Fire and Spoon on the 11th of August in good ole' Alpharetta, Georgia.
However, I am going to play a little game with you.
I will not tell you in person.
Think of it as a sort of blog surprise!!
 Presents are so very hard for me to keep secret from you (I'm the girlfriend who gives the boy his birthday gift a month in advance) so hopefully you will read this post soon and find out for yourself.
And when you do,
call me ;)

Love Always, Emmy


  1. what a fun idea...i wonder how long it will take him to discover this ;)

  2. wow you are the best there is. what a perfect girlfriend. i love you. even though you still are working on this surprise thing ;)

  3. You know, we are similar in this way also: i sometimes have trouble trying to keep surprises! Hope ya'll have a great time at the concert! HUGS FROM AUNT CATHY

  4. i am terrible at keeping things from my hubs. this is such a cute surprise!