Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have just finished my new, tentative photography website using a free and predominantly Flash Player based site where one can create their own web pages based upon their personal goals.

Though there are many things I am looking to change (especially once I purchase my domain name in the future), I am using this specifically for exposure and as a portfolio during my time of job searching.
Enjoy! And feedback is always welcome!
Emmy, Through the Lens
Post Script: If anyone knows how to get rid of the pestering Wix ads on the sides of the page, please oh please do let me know!


  1. well done, emmy!
    your site is so cute and professional-looking at the same time. :)

  2. I know! If you figure it out Kirai, please let me know!

  3. Your website looks good! You're very talented! Good luck whilst job hunting :)