Thursday, July 8, 2010


Everyone has played or at least heard of the game Taboo, correct?
As a precaution, I will explain the premise of the game anyhow.
In lamen's terms, one player picks up a card with a specific word that he or she has to describe to their teammates. However, there is a catch. There are 5 related words on each card, and if any of these said words are included in the player's description, the team is deducted a point and the word is discarded.
Though it is a game primarily played with teams, my brothers and sisters and I will sometimes play one on one just for fun.

Tonight my stepmom sent out an e-mail saying that she had played with Jack (my 7 year old brother) earlier in the evening and was shocked as to how knowledgeable he is at this age.
I wish everyone of you could meet this boy in person. He has more wit at age 7 than I have now at 21.

Here are some of his descriptions. I'm probably bias, but I simply thought that these were really cute and worthy of sharing.

PAT:  “This is a name….. or a hit.” My stepmom said she just couldn't figure out what the word was.  As frustration was clearly mounting, he finally shouted, “one of my uncle’s has this name.”  Aaahhhh…PAT!

KETTLE:  “Popcorn without the corn.”  (Somehow she guessed Kettle Corn).  He said, “shorten it.”

COTTON CANDY:  “This is in our clothes" (she guessed cotton)…"And the prizes I got today at Chuck E. Cheese, except the rocket”…(she guessed CANDY).  "Then put them together"…Cotton Candy.

CONDUCTOR: “When a band plays, and the one in front has a stick in his hand.” (I didn’t even know he knew this word).

EASTER:  “It is after church, I  mean what was it called, oh yeah, Holy Week.  It is the last day of Holy Week.”  It was so surprising (in a good way) that he went about describing this word excluding anything to do with eggs or bunnies.

ALONE:  “This was the name of a movie during Christmas and the boy was left at home.”  (She guessed HOME ALONE). He said, "Shorten it.”

CIRCLE:  “This is like an oval but squenched down some.”  Haha, this was my personal favorite.

ADAM:  “He was the man here before any of us.”  When my stepmom guessed Adam, he said, “I couldn’t use the word 'first.'” 

Such a smart kid!
I love you, Jack!

P.S. In regards to yesterday's post, I gave in. I blew it. I told Eliot to read my blog and to read about my surprise! I couldn't take the suspense any longer, and I was about to burst!
Oy, this is a problem.


  1. ahhhh i LOVE taboo! such a great game! what a smart little guy... i love his Home Alone reference, he sounds pretty cool! xo

  2. that is great!! i suck at this games.. by brain just isnt that quick! :-(

    God Bless

  3. Oh, how cute this post is!! I love love Taboo - it's my favorite game to play with my family :)