Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The girls that I have been staying with have the most impressive magazine collection that I have seen. Every morning I wake up and flip through a couple.
In the most recent Glamour, I came across a section called, "25 Times You're Irresistible to Him (And Don't Even Know It.)"
Yep, that sucked me in.
It wasn't necessarily an article as it was several quotes by various men across the country.
Here were some of my favorites.

"My girlfriend thinks she's a mess when she gets back from the gym, but its a hot mess (and I mean that in the best way possible!). Seeing her in just a sports bra and running shorts- with no makeup on and her hair pulled back- drives me crazy."

"My wife will occasionally wear this old college T-shirt of mine to bed and seeing her in it instantly brings me back to when we met and fell in love. Nothing is sexier."

"I'm sure I'm not the first guy to have a girl write him an amazing letter, or help him pick out fancy jeans, or dispense good advice about his thorny work issue. In fact, I bet this happens all the time. But when you are the guy in the story, and the girl is someone you still can't believe even remembers your name, well then, you never want to let go."

And my personal favorite:
"I was complaining about not having dumbbells at home when my girlfriend said, 'Too bad you can't lift yourself...you know, because you're a dumbbell,' and went into hysterics. It was totally corny, but I couldn't help laughing at her laughing at her own joke. I love how much she amuses herself."

I chose to share this because these excerpts struck a cord with me as I experienced something of this accord yesterday afternoon. Until now, it had become a bit of a routine to call my boyfriend right after work and to catch up with each other. Well, yesterday I decided not to call him at that particular moment since we were in two different cities and I didn't want to pester him. So I waited. He finally called me a few hours later and expressed that he was upset that I didn't call after work. "Where was my phone call?" he asked (in the cutest of ways). I had no idea that me calling him after work was something that he enjoyed! Not only does he enjoy those calls, but he notices and misses them when they are not made!

Gosh I love him.


  1. Oh this made me tear up. You are so lucky, love.

  2. ...so sweet and timeless...love waiting on love...what you have, Emmy and Eliot, is precious!! Treasure it and hold on to it.

    Hugs to you my precious niece,
    Aunt Cathy

  3. Aww, sweet :)

    Mark keeps all of my letters and cards and notes that I've ever written him in a big manila envelope by his side of the bed. I think it's cute.

    So happy that you're happy with your boy :)

  4. Isn't it wonderful how much they love us for the things we never expect?? Adorable.