Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Though it has only been three days since my last post, I feel as though I've fallen off of the planet.
Currently, I am in the midst of moving back home. Passing by my car, one would think I were a homeless a person. Today is also my last shift at Mimi's Cafe, and I am bunking with a friend until Wednesday, which is the day that I will be returning home for good.
It is bittersweet.

As you could probably imagine, however, I do not have much time in this current limbo state to blog about happenings.
Thus, for all intents and purposes, here is a snippet of a post to keep interest in tact.
A couple of days ago, as I was getting ready for work, I heard loud cracks of thunder. I looked outside my window and an infamous "calm before the storm" was looming heavily in the air.
I don't know about you, but this is my favorite type of weather. I love storms! But most of all, I love the lighting- that of the grey skies with the sun peaking through. I find it absolutely gorgeous. The Earth seems as if someone inserted a pale grey overlay onto it via Photoshop.
I decided to venture out into the backyard to take a few quick photos- nothing too extensive, very brief.
Here is what  came of it.


  1. i love the pictures. an overcast sky makes for amazing photos.
    and i LOVE thunderstorms also. yikes.

  2. My Emmy: only you can make peeling paint look so your pictures. :-) from Aunt Cathy

  3. you are such a talented photographer... wow! especially love the one of the door knob! not bad for a quick trip outside :)

  4. thank you thank you =)
    except you, eliot.

  5. I actually adore these photos, they make me feel fuzzy inside. Especially the daisies. I have a thing for flowers though, how girly of me. you are a friend of paige's i see, you must be great.x.x.x