Friday, March 26, 2010

Food & Fashion

Our latest photo assignment for my Advanced Photojournalism class was one that actually required no journalistic ability whatsoever. It was a lot of fun and almost more like an arts and crafts project than a photo project.
The requirements was to come up with 5 Food Photography photos, 5 Fashion photos, and 5 Food and Fashion photos- there were no specifications on how to combine the two.

Here is what I came up with.
The food was my favorite to shoot. I found a great site that gave tips on how to photograph food.
If you check out the website, you will notice an absolutely stunning picture of a lime. I loved it! Though I didn't turn this photograph in to my teacher, I wanted to try to mimic it through my own interpretation.

The following are my final food photography photographs:

The following 5 are my fashion shots. Though I had more that I feel were better shots in general, I was going for a loose theme that I will explain a bit further on.

And finally, the food AND fashion shots. Since the theme I was going for was an after thought, the steak picture from above has absolutely nothing to do with shoes, but if you will notice...the very first picture in the first group is of apples, the first picture in the second group is of sunglasses- an accessory, and the first picture in the third group is of fruit flavored gummi savors (with the same color scheme as the apples) as accessories. 

I'll give you one more example. The third picture in the first group is of cheese and crackers. The third picture in the second group is a mid body shot, and the third picture in the final, upcoming group utilizes crackers on a coat.

This sort of theme is consistent throughout the project, again, with the exception of the steak.

Gummi Savor Rings

Twizzler shoe laces
My least favorite photo- Ritz Crackers buttons

Lemon earrings

Nutella lipstick- mmmm.

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