Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day, 2011:
I spent the majority of my day reading my current book, Life by English rocker, Keith Richards, while Eliot spent the majority of his day purchasing a Japenese-made vehicle.
When evening fell the two of us decided to buy some Dutch beer and then head downtown to see the fireworks.
While waiting for the fireworks display we moseyed into an Irish pub and enjoyed a Guinness.
We missed the fireworks.
Happy Birthday, America.


  1. whenever I find a blog like yours I get excited and think I'm the first to find such a treasure, only to see that you have over 100 followers....
    I wasn't first, but I'm stayin'


  2. I am Emmy's aunt and happy to say I was one of her first followers and ENJOY her blog too...so much...sounds like u had a great 4th...there will be more fireworks on January 1st or next year on the 4th...i mean if you've seen one fireworks show, you've seen them all...huh? LOVE YOU EMMYROOSKI...HUG...Aunt Cathy