Monday, July 11, 2011

Apartment hunting in DC proved to be more difficult than expected, at least on my part. We had two short days to complete the task, but we did. And how we got so lucky I will never know.

Yesterday was a whirlwind. Eliot and I made a few appointments beforehand via Craigslist, but I took it as a bad sign when our taxi driver did not recognize our proposed destination upon visiting our first location. I can't sugarcoat it - we ended up in the projects. It is entirely too scary how glamorous an Internet advertisement can make virtually anything seem.
Needless to say, we decided to alter our approach. 

After a bout of pounding headaches and renter's nightmares, we were able to eliminate certain areas that we knew we wanted nothing to do with as well as re-acclimate ourselves with the city. Thus, the majority of today was spent looking for vacancies in nice neighborhoods throughout the district. We were also fortunate to have a volunteer to drive us around the city. A chauffeur never hurt anyone, I know that for certain.

As luck would have it, a woman that works for the company that I formerly interned with lives in Washington DC's best kept secret and introduced us to her landlord.

Our new place is a quaint one bedroom apartment in the heart of downtown - walking distance from China Town, Verizon Wireless Theater, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and so much more. I can walk to work to boot. The building is located on one of the oldest residential streets in the area and was built in the 1920's. It is a beautiful, well-restored, historic building - very "Carrie Bradshaw-esque" for all of my Sex and the City fans. I cannot wait to move in and to start my new life, but what is more, I cannot wait for all of my friends and family to come and visit us!

After yesterday's debacle I am so pleased that something worked out, let alone something so supremely grand.
I am so blessed. And oh so thankful.


  1. Yaaay...Emmy, your new place sounds perfect. So happy for you both and as you put it so well: SCORE:
    Emmy & Eliot: 1
    Life in the "real" world: 0
    Can't wait to see upcoming photos.
    HUG from Aunt Cathy

  2. Loved the "condensed version" of your life's events over the past couple of years. I guess Tennessee Williams would have included you in that group of folks known as "The Fugitive Kind" LOL. Can't wait to read more later. (Yes, I DID figure out how to add my picture to your elite group of followers! Love, Hugs, Kisses to my Cuddlepup!