Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas

Holidays can always be a struggle; having to go back and forth between families, feeling guilty for spending more time with one family than the other, resenting the guilt because I know that neither parent would wish that upon me...All the while trying to squeeze in time for my beloved boyfriend's family and my best friend's family that is basically another extension of my own.
This morning I woke up and militarily began to plan out my day while lacking any traditional Christmas Eve excitement.
I know that things will begin to look up as the day progresses - especially when I am around my younger brother and sister who still feel the Magic.

Wha, wha, wha...I know, I know.Yes, I will take some cheese with my whine, thanks. (Actually I just ate some, but that is not the point.)
Despite the brief venting session prior to, this is actually my FAVORITE time of the year - time crunch be damned.
The part about this holiday that I hold most dear is undoubtedly our annual Texas trip. Twenty plus cousins along with umpteen aunts and uncles and the greatest grandparents in the world is always a very special treat. We leave the day after Christmas.
Thus, I can promise that blogging will not happen here.
But my Nikon will be by my side and, consequently, a picture heavy post will surely follow the trip.

So a MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! I hope that everyone enjoys their holiday break and the special time with whomever they wish to spend it.

These were the days, ha.


  1. ...and Merry Merry MERRY Christmas to you, my talented wonderful niece...the Magic you speak of still lives in the hearts of many of us older folks too...that is why your Mom keeps her hanger up year round that says "I believe in Santa Claus" ... :-)... hugs to you all...have a great visit in Texas...hello to Wayne and Carolyn for me! HUGS from Aunt Cathy

  2. haha love the video.
    hope you have a fabulous merry christmas my dear

    love m.

  3. The first three lines of this post made me think thank god someone else gets it...
    Christmas is so much pressure spending even time with each parent and their families... urgh!
    at least it all generally works out in the end :)

    Merry Christmas Lovely x

  4. This goes out to all children of divorced parents: Now hear this! It is NOT your job to worry about spending even amounts of time with each parent. It is simply desired that you ENJOY the time spent with the people you love. That is all that any truly loving parent wants or expects. Remember Christmas is a time for PEACE! Wishing you Peace this Holiday Season!
    Emmy's MOM