Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, I had a problem. Except, it wasn't actually a problem. More of a dilemma.
I couldn't decide if I wanted this thing.
There was a pretty good chance that I could attain this thing.
And there were many benefits that would have been associated with this thing.
However, I couldn't decide if I actually wanted this thing, if I was willing to sacrifice for this thing, or if this thing was right for me.
So I stressed out.
And I pondered.
And I lashed out and acted like a three year old.
And then I prayed.
Because as much as I wanted to follow my instincts, I couldn't decipher what they were.
Then, it finally happened. Clarity.
And due to various circumstances, all points related to said thing didn't work out. 
Coincidentally, this is what I wanted to happen.
I wasn't unqualified or anything like that.
On the contrary, I heard that I was a hit.
It just wasn't right.
And they knew it.
And I knew it.
And now I'm happy.
But still thingless.
Oh well, one day it will work out.

Oh yeah, substitute the word thing with the word job, and this might all make more sense.


  1. Yes...Emmy, I just love those moments of "clarity" when they happen. I have to say, they tend to happen less and less often as I grow older...bummer!!!

    Hugs to you on this Thursday, Aunt Cathy

  2. It's amazing how certain things can take us on a roller coaster ride. I'm glad that's over now though and you're at peace with clarity. That's always nice. :) This definitely just means that you're meant for bigger and better things too they better watch out for you! :)

  3. Hi! I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog today :)
    play along if you like :)
    ali <3