Monday, November 8, 2010


Somehow my baby brother is 17 today (mind you, the term "baby" is used loosely here since he has been a foot taller than me for a number of years now). How did this happen?! It cannot be real because I am still 17, at least that is how I inexplicably think of myself.
Look at this boy! He has his own style, his own friends, his own music, his own life.
I only wish that I had a younger photo of him on hand so that you could attain a grasp of how he was arguably the cutest child in the world.
 I'm sorry Dylan, but this will always be how I think of you.

Location: Gatlinburg, TN.
Age: 3 years old.
Time: Day after Halloween.
An abstract conversation between father and son.

Dad: Did you get a lot of candy?
Dylan: Cauuundyy?!
Dad: What did you get?
Dylan: I got a sucker. Big, LITTLE SUCKER.
Dad: Did you have fun?
Dylan: NO.
Dad: Are you ready to go home?
Dylan: NO.
Dad: You don't want to see all your of friends?
Dylan: NO.
Dad: Do you want to go ride in your red jeep?
Dylan: NO.
Dad: Well what do you want?!
Dylan: (whispers) cauuundy.
Dad: What?

Love you, bro!

To this day, I still pronounce "candy" as "caundy."


  1. Happy birthday to your little brother! my baby brother is getting married in 19 days and i just can't believe it. he will always be that little annoying 5 year old who was as cute as can be...

  2. It's crazy how fast 'little' brother and sisters grow up isn't it?! Happy birthday to your brother!

  3. Oooh Emmy how I can relate so well. My brother is 6'2"...and is only 16. Isn't it crazy!?

  4. OHHHHH I just loved it! I hope Dylan sees it, however, he may just want to kill you, huh? I was out sick on Monday so I am just now seeing this and of course I LOVE IT CUZ I AM MOM!!!!!

    Big Sucka!