Monday, November 1, 2010

Out of the loop.

How was everybody's Halloween weekend?! Mine was super duper fantastic, and rest assured, I will post photos as soon as possible.
Until then, who has yet to see the following two videos?  
Over the weekend I noticed that a number of people were quoting one liners from a new YouTube sensation that I had yet to see (typical). Since I am habitually one of the last to be clued in on new instant video hits, I assume that all of you have already given these a view a time or two.
However, just in case...

"Totes the best hun cal fro yo."

The next one isn't quite as funny, but still worth a watch...


  1. hahahahhaa, k, i had not seen these before. the first one is SO FREAKING FUNNY. thank you.

  2. SO funny!!! ESPECIALLY the first one - I love it!