Friday, October 22, 2010

Consisting of...

My upcoming weekend consists of a whole lot of this little girl.
My baby cousin Meghann! 
And by "baby," I mean soon to be 9-year-old. Wow, how time flies.
As cute as she is and as much fun as it has been, I can't help but to think about how much I miss my own soon to be 9-year-old sister.
Oh baby girl, I miss you!


  1. Want an adorable picture of you and Sara!! She looks so much like you.

  2. What** not want. Haha. Sorry.

  3. thank you for the nicest comment ever.
    you are adorable. and i adore your hair.

    love it following.
    love m.

  4. Gosh I have a lot of catching up to do!!! I haven't been following anyone's blogs recently. I've just been so busy D: But, I do love your hair dark. I think it was a good choice! You definitely don't look washed out or old!!

    I started a new blog! It's for my art,

    I was wondering if you'd like to trade buttons (you already have my personal blog's button, AntiSocial, so it would be totally rad if you switched that one or added my new art blog button) I'm trying to build up a following and what not.

    Well, I'll be definitely reading up on your blog more now! I promise! Hope you had fun with your adorable cousin! :)

  5. Awe...this post makes me miss my little sisters too(13 & 7). :)