Monday, October 18, 2010

And the results are in.

Thanks to all that put in their two cents on my silly hair post.
I ultimately decided that chocolate brown was the smartest choice. Maybe next Spring I can begin to gradually go lighter. We will see how that unfolds.
It is much more extreme and luscious in person, I promise. The poor quality of my MAC Photo Booth doesn't capture the color in all of its glory.

The family reactions were mixed.
My mom had not one negative thought upon seeing the change while the first sentence out of my 7-year-old brother's mouth was, "Why is your hair so ugly?" Mind you, my hair was blown out straight, which is quite a change to him since I never EVER straighten my hair.
My youngest sister noticed the straightened aspect of the do, but didn't recognize the color change until around 45 minutes later. "Whoa, is your hair a different color too?"
My 16-year-old sister, on the other hand, noticed everything at once and was pouring in the compliments.

My personal opinion? I love the results! Love, love!
As a bonus, I think that I have finally regained a sense of my natural hair color (or at least some variation thereof).
A new hair color just has that effect on a person, doesn't it?  
Clean slate.


  1. i win!
    i mean, because that was what i voted for.
    but you win too, because it looks AWESOME.

  2. I think your choice was AWESOME. You look great! :)

  3. cute! I love that color. Makes me want to die mine.