Sunday, February 21, 2010


Readjusting myself with HTML and internet blogging has further led to me unleashing my old photobucket account. While skimming through it today, I found a LOT of things that I'm pretty embarrassed about, to say the least.

Like this:

Or this:

But I also found some old videos that I had uploaded of my youngest sister, Sara. 

This first video is of Sara, around age 5. This was right after we adopted Brenda and Daiana.

This next video is only a few minutes later. I'm not sure exactly what sparked her sudden burst of energy, but I am sure that I deeply regret ever promoting Avril. What can I say, it was all in the spirit of bonding with her.

All of my siblings are growing up way too fast. I just want them to all stay young forever!

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  1. Yes...Emmy, just like you and Joshua grew up way too u so much...from Aunt Cathy LOVE THIS BLOG...