Friday, February 26, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Everyone who meets my mom instantly loves her. She is the epitome of a "southern belle." She has the most adorable accent and such a good heart. If you are close with me though, you know that my mom and I don't have the most perfect relationship. 
And that's okay.
One of the things that would annoy me in the past was the fact that she rambles quite a bit about seemingly nothing. But I've grown to accept that of her and I actually think it is pretty funny now. The other day she sent me a voicemail that I WISH I didn't delete. It was 3.5 solid minutes of tremendous enthusiasm toward seat cushions that were on sale at Trees 'N Trends.

Today, my mom sent me an email to inform me to beware of the "rampant deer" while driving home.
"By the way," she said, "Tuesday night on the way home from work either a deer hit me or I hit a deer. Can't decide which. It was AWFUL...The deer are running rampant around here so be careful at night driving."
Alright mother, I will surely do this.
Just another page of wisdom in the Book of Marty I suppose.

My boyfriend also finds it necessary to remind me on a daily basis that I act just like my mother.
Hmmm...perhaps he is right...

But hey, it could be worse...

And yes Aunt Cathy, I know you are going to copy and paste this to her ;)


  1. all the things that drive you crazy will be the things you miss the most when she's gone. i know it can be "annoying" but don't take it for granted :)

  2. yes, i know. i think about that often.

  3. Hey sweet girl Emmy: you beat me to it...she sent it to me in an email today...I LOVE go girl. You are quite the comedienne too! LOVE YOU BUNCHES....and Hugs from Aunt Cathy

  4. haha, normal mothers tell their children to wear their seatbelts. mine tells me to watch out for rampant deer.

  5. I love this pic of your Mom. And your Mom sent this to me also. Emmy, you're awesome!