Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last year I was asked to photograph a wedding in Ithaca, New York. I can't say this enough - I am not a photographer. But...I also don't turn down these kinds of opportunities. I just love it. Being asked to photograph something of this magnitude in itself is a huge ego boost since photography isn't something that I actively pursue.  However, it can be pretty nerve-racking too. So of course, I asked my BFF Linds to come along for the ride and act as a source of positive morale. So she brought her butt all the way from Tennessee to DC just so we could make this road trip together. {PS - If you live in the same state as your best friend, I truly envy you with every cell of my being.}

The footage in the video below was shot during my birthday weekend (September 16 - go ahead, make a mental note), and I have just now had the time to sit down and put something together to highlight our adventure. It takes place during the peak of fall in beautiful upstate New York.


song: intro by the xx

Oh - and don't worry...I didn't forget about the bride and groom. I was able to give them a photograph or two to remember the occasion ;)



  1. WOW, loved every minute of that. I really liked the photo of you at 1:13 minutes, but I couldn't figure out how to copy that frame. So tech challenged, I know! That was a very wonderful memorialization of your roadtrip with your bestest friend forevereth!

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