Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Love Lucy.

The other day my sister was curious about an item of decor that sits atop of my desk.
It is a lunchbox, and it looks like this.
She began to ask a slew of questions. "Who is she...Is she alive...Did she have red hair in real life?...etc." And I, being an I Love Lucy fanatic, filled her in on all of the seemingly important details.

Then we (my sister, her friend, my brother and I) spent hours watching episode reruns through the internet, laughing and giggling the whole way through.

Though the medium has changed, and some would say "improved," I am deeply gratified that Lucille Ball has proven herself capable of entertaining yet another generation. Nonsense technology and special effects have not so rotted the minds of our little ones that they can no longer appreciate true comedy and talent when they see it.

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  1. My Emmy...methinks that lunchbox was a gift from me perhaps??? I happened upon a couple of episodes of I LOVE LUCY yesterday on an otherwise slow TV day (except for golf of course that my guys enjoy) and found myself belly laughing with LUCY again...she can't help but be funny. HUGs from Aunt Cathy