Monday, April 11, 2011

Fate my friend, you say the strangest things.

Upon skimming through various blog posts alongside countless Facebook photo albums, I am beginning to wonder how "healthy" such actions are for the average social networking peruser. Other's errands and outings are translated into a Twitter update. Trips out of town are documented through specified Facebook photo albums. And cameras are a necessity when adhering to household projects or works of art in order to capture every step of the way. 
It is so easy to share information about oneself with the world, but then again, is it really necessary for us [the readers] to know that much about another person's life?
How much of social networking translates to mindless fun, and how much of it is pure narcism?

While I can typically categorize my Facebook browsing into the "Empty Entertainment" department, today I came across a blurb about travel that was posted by a peer; and traveling, mind you, is my one and only vice. Though I try not to, I tend to become envious of those who were fortunate to be born into a family with the means to send their child off to Europe multiple times before they have graduated college. I wish that such things could come to me so easily.
These are the times that I resent Facebook.
I would have never been presented with such situations had I no account, after all.

As I begin to think about it I wonder if this type of phenomenon happens to others as well.
For example,
Do those who can't seem to strike gold [or even silver] in relationships cringe when they see countless photos of "perfect" or "happy" couples?
I wonder if bikini photos effect the Facebook users that may have poor body image.
For those who feel that they have yet to find their niche in life, do statuses about how a peer was offered a perfect job cause a longing in its reader? A longing for something similar?

Maybe it is just me. But whatever happened to the days when a person went on a vacation and took photos with the sole purpose of development so as to create memories for THEMSELVES and not for the public?

Since social networks are not in any way on the out in the foreseeable future, it is important that I keep in mind to count my blessings. No, I cannot travel as easily as others, but I do have a significant someone who is loyal, treats me well, and is extremely loving. And that definitely counts for something.
Nobody has everything. Every single person has a void, even if their Facebook page seems to differ. We just need to look beyond the superficial to find it.

It is a simple concept, but sometimes we need to be reminded.


  1. i've been thinking the same way about inyourfacebook for a while now. specifically because everyone seems to be having babies and posting a bazillion baby bump pictures and i can't help but turn a deeper shade of green each time. sigh.

  2. i'm relieved that others feel the same way that i do! but where our lives lack, they make up for it in other areas. i am just sure of it!

  3. Definitely feel the same way. I even deleted my Facebook because of it! But I think Facebook and Blogs are different. The point of a blog (at least, in my humble opinion) is to share personal ideals and document daily life, either for personal enjoyment or in order to connect with others. Facebook is just a never ending show and tell AKA popularity contest.

  4. Emmy, I do agree with you. For FB, I rarely update with any pictures anymore or even status updates...unless I have family bickering to find out how I am. I have since referred them to my blog and also, this is the reason of my blog....for those who care enough to come read and catch up on/with me. As for FB, it's the best way for me to stay connected with my family and far away friends. I thought this was the same way for everyone else. Since inception..this was technically the real reason for connect. I do see that now FB has turned into somewhat of a nasty popularity place. Similar to a very big highschool or something of that nature. I decided to delete a lot of people that I dind't feel really had an affect in my life. Overall, this post was lovely...and I do agree that sometimes folks consider FB as a way to forge how they want their lives to look like to other people. It's all a shame really. That noggin' of yours is always turning and I love it. So happy to see you here again. :)

  5. Just an older point of view here from someone who does NOT facebook, twitter and rarely emails unless at work. Trust me everyone, once you begin a family and your time is FILLED with other, more NECESSARY activity, the time you spend on the computer WILL dwindle. If it doesn't, then something important will NOT be getting done, namely SLEEP. (ha, or should I say LOL?) You will see.