Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March, already?

My boyfriend and I had a fairly constructive debate recently about which month is the best of the twelve. He says March while I think that October brings the most to the table.

Eliot's opening argument consisted of some fairly decent perspectives. (This entire conversation was sent via text, mind you.) Eliot explains that the biggest differences between March and October is that March "has Spring Break and marks the final lap of school" while October only marks the beginning of colder weather as well as the introductory school months. March Madness, he adds, also trumps October football where sporting events are concerned.

Of course, I quickly rebutted by pointing out the fact that in three short months he will no longer be a student, and thus, one third of his argument can already be considered moot. Secondly, the weather in October is not cold (where we live). It is actually perfect, both aesthetically and physically. Do not look at it as the gateway to winter, I suggested, but as the prime of autumn; a much needed break from the scorching summer heat. Thirdly, while I do agree that March Madness is much more entertaining than football, if we are speaking of what the month brings with it in its wake then it is important to keep in mind that October marks the beginning of "Holiday Madness" with the inclusion of Halloween that is shortly followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year all in one brief period.

Upon my rebuttal, Eliot refused to give in. "Yes," he says, "but people start heading to the beach in March; and they bringing out their winter clothes in October."

No, no, I scoffed. Students on Spring Break go to the beach in March, yes. However, we all know that May through August are the prime beach vacationing months (and as I so diligently pointed out before, we are no longer students so the "beach in March" argument is annulled).

Eliot then attempted to convince me that October is always cold, but once I reminded him that I had worn a tank top for at least the past three Halloweens, he quickly switched gears and stated that "weather aside,  I am always excited about March for many reasons...and am rarely excited for the coming of October."

"To each his own," I stated, and the discussion ended there.

Before I go any further with this post, however, I would like to verify that I find beauty in all seasons (with the exception of winter - just go away). And while I am sincerely attracted to the autumn season, Eliot's birthday is in March so we both hold our personal biases.

Please do not misunderstand, I cannot wait for the warmer weather that March will inevitably bring, but I do feel entitled to brag; the first week of March has been nothing but rain and drab in my little niche of the world. 
So this means, Emmy: 1 point; Eliot: 0.


  1. Well, niece, i can't pick a favorite...March and October are my faves also...March because it's my birthday month too, and October because of FALL...my favorite season just like yours...guess i can agree with both your arguments...HAPPY MARCH...to both of you! LOVEYOU MY SWEET GIRL from Aunt Cathy

  2. I'm gonna have to go with Eliot on this one ... because March is my birthday month, and that wins every time :)

  3. I like that ending score! I believe that argumentatively Emmy, you win hands down! However, I would like to throw April, May and June into the hat! hahahahahaha

  4. both good months because they're both transition months; spring and fall. But I would side with October. Nothing beats those sunny and crisp fall days, pumpkin patches, golden leaves, halloween, etc.


  5. Haha! Too funny:-) What a great debate. I personally, have to say March, because it's my birthday month. BUT, girl's win. They just do. So, you still win:-) xoxo