Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life List.

Consistently in progress.
I call this a "Life List" as opposed to a "Bucket List" because the following is not a set of goals to achieve "before I die."
They are things to do while I am living.

(Online Edition)

--To receive a professional massage
--Hot air balloon ride
--To receive a professional pedicure and manicure
--To become fluent in Spanish, striving to live abroad for a year
--Get a tattoo
--To travel to at least one new city per year
--To legitimately visit all 50 states (Airports do not count)
--To set foot on 6 continents (Bonus points for Antarctica)
--Learn to cook well in order to provide a decent dinner at least 4 nights a week for my future family
--Physical trainer, making the gym a habit and not a chore
--To not lose sight of my innate creativity
--To travel abroad with a significant other

In terms of my blog, aside from the obvious changes (I am aiming for a more simplistic approach), I've also created a separate page that revolves specifically around this list so that it can be updated when necessary.


  1. I love making lists! the last august I did mine!

  2. Life list is so much better than bucket list!